To be an artist is to believe in life.
~ Henry Moore
Ever since i heard the song "City Streets" I have wanted to paint a series around it with Toronto as my backdrop as opposed to New York where i suspect the song was actually about. The paintings on this page are my interpretation of it. The model is my former room mate James who also agreed to be my muse for this series. We bothfroze our butts off working outside in the Locations Department as part of Hollywood North the year I conceieved of this idea, and I thought the digest and sometimes pained look on his face after eighteen hour days in the frozen north fully reflected the same emotions Carol King emotes in her song. Upon completion, the series will consist of six panels but I thought I would post those that I have already completed.
I Long For Sweet Oblivion
Over the water I look in vain...
City streets, the stories that they tell...
Copyright Ó  2006  Club Lighthouse Art Studio